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  • Aug 20, 2018

The company trip to Wuyi Mountain.

Mountain WuYi, a fairly land on earth, is situated in the north of FuJian Province. It is the most beautiful place in Southeast of China.There are more than two hundred thousand people in the region.

Mountain WuYi was made up of hills , belonging to the red rock relief, which have changed over thousands of years by the action of that is today, and is well known for its green water and red mountains. In this region, that includes the Nine Twist stream, thirty-six peaks, seventy-two caves and ninety-nine rock formations.

In 1999, WuYiShan city became one of the world nature and culture Heritage site. It has such honorable names as follows: the world natural and culture heritage site; the State key scenic area and State key nature Reserve; the National Tourist Resort Area; the State First Rate Air Harbour, the world’ Human& Biosphere Preserve. It has beautiful Scenery, a galaxy of culture. Many historical sites and abundant resources.

The natural preserve is located in the western part of the WuYiShan has maintained the most complete, typical and largest mid-subtropical pristine forest ecological system. It was praised by the bio-scientists both at home and aboard as “the world of insects”, “the world biological bank” “the paradise of the birds” “the kingdom of snakes”.

It also maintains the long-term regional culture such as tea culture, religious culture, folk culture and tourist culture, rock-carved calligraphies and poems left by famous scholars in history have recorded the history and beautiful legendry of WuYiShan.

If you are attracted by Mountain Wuyi,welcome to China and start your wonderful journey !

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